XL2 500 – Best for Base Metals

The Niton™ XL2 500 Mining Analyzer is the perfect choice for sorting ore, grade control and base metals exploration. Ruggedly constructed, easy to read screen, advanced electronics for data collection and reporting and excellent performance for Cu, Pb, Zn, Fe, Ti, V and Cr.

With its bright yellow casing and renowned Niton point and shoot simplicity the Niton™ XL2 500 Mining Analyzer will enhance your day to day operations. Lightweight and easy to use the Niton™ XL2 500 Mining Analyzer is your go anywhere analysis tool, a lab in your hands.



Key benefits:

  • Ideal for grade control, plant operations and near mine exploration
  • Standard analysis range of up to 34 elements
  • Exploration capabilities for (Cu, Pb, Zn, Fe, Ti, V, Cr)

Easy to use calibration for rapid metal and mineral content analysis at concentrations >0.1% in ore and concentrates. Ideal for analysis of mining samples including concentrates, slags, etc

Standard Elemental Suite:

U, Th, Ba Sb Sn Cd Pd Ag Mo Nb Zr Sr Rb Bi As Se Pb W Zn Cu Re Ta Hf Ni Co Fe Mn Cr V Ti Ca K S


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Niton Mining Brochure.pdf


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