We are Bimos

We are the leading manufacturer of workplace seating in Europe. For decades, we have focused on providing specialised seating solutions for work away from the conventional desk. As an Interstuhl brand (the office chair specialist), we are backed up by 40 years of development and production experience. And we are able to combine the latest research and technology with traditional craftsmanship. Consequently, in addition to understanding our product, we also know exactly what you need.

We see the chair as a tool that represents an important link between people and the production equipment they use. Right from the very start, our business has been driven by innovation. We can offer the right stool for any working area. Our range extends from sturdy all-rounders for production workstations through to highly sophisticated laboratory chairs.
Despite the huge diversity of products on offer, all our seating solutions have a common objective: To provide people with optimum support. Our chairs certainly do that, but they also leave you free to move. They are flexible, yet resilient. They fit perfectly into the working environment without requiring
users to adapt. That is the ideal for which we stand.
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