Thermo Niton Apollo LIBS

Introducing Thermo Scientific Niton Apollo

•Niton Apollo is a handheld LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) analyzer
•Thermo Scientific’s first handheld analyzer capable of measuring carbon
•Capable of measuring C in Low-Alloy/Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel
•Replaces bulky Optical Emission technology
•Addresses a key gap in the Industrial handheld product offering

User Interface


* Large touchscreen for easy operation

* Consistent on device user interface with XL5

* Same keypad layout as XL5 for scrolling

* Displays data as single readings or in averaging mode


  • Increased Efficiency:
    Higher production rate
    Analysis time of just 11 seconds
    Short set up time
    • Expanded Field Use:
      Compact design weighing just 6 lbs
      Easily bring the analyzer up on a rope, down into a trench, or into a tight spot
      Mitigate safety risks of trying to use current OES technology in dangerous environments

Carbon analysis, laser focused

Fast, accurate, portable LIBS analysis


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