Portable XRF Selection Guide

Is your company looking for the perfect portable XRF analyzer to invest in?

Let us assist you in making the best XRF instrument selection for your requirements.

Portable XRF Selection Guide:

XRF SelectionPeriodic Table

Are you a business that is handling precious metals and are still unsure which Thermo Niton Portable XRF analyzer is best suited for your business needs? Or whether the cost of the unit is worth it for your business? Then why not have a read through our Niton AuDITOR article and see just how you can calculate the ROI on one of the Thermo Niton XRF units. With the amount of fake jewelry on the market today, your business can’t afford not to invest in a Thermo Niton XRF Analyzer.

Still need that last nudge to convince yourself?

View the Niton DXL in use. It addresses all the relevant issues and concerns your customers and business may have, namely:

  • Costly evaluationers
  • Challenge of identifying gold plated items
  • The hassle and imprecision of time consuming nitric acid scratch testing and their inability to identify low karat or non standard karat items
  • Customer anxiety about handing over their jewelry for appraisal

Therefor these concerns and more can all be a thing of the past with the Niton DXL desktop analyzer. So book a demo today, or request further info from one of our informed sales staff on the link below:

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