PAC is a worldwide leader in laboratory analysis equipment. With a product portfolio of over 200 testing instruments, PAC serves its customers with cutting-edge technology and significant R&D resources to support its core technologies: chromatography, elemental analysis, physical properties, fuels composition, and laboratory automation.



Spectrometer Technologies supply PAC LP Physical Testing analytical laboratory instruments in South-, and Southern Africa.
For decades, PAC has brought constant innovation to multiple industries with its family of long-established and well-known product lines. These lines, including ISL, Walter Herzog, PetroSpec, AC Analytical Controls, Alcor, Antek, and Cambridge Viscosity have been the backbone of best-in-class refinery, petrochemical, biofuels,  food and beverage, environmental and pharmaceutical laboratories around the world for years, providing the platform for breakthrough product and process development.


ISL by PAC is a global provider of scientific apparatus and instruments for testing petroleum and petrochemical products in the lab and online. More than 20 automatic analyzers bearing the ISL brand are recognized for increasing test precision, boosting laboratory efficiency and reducing costs. ISL’s story began nearly 34 years ago when a group of engineers and scientists in the North of France, in the heart of the country’s petrochemical industry, began developing automatic instruments for use in the petroleum industry. Their facility, and the location, turned out to be an excellent proving ground for research and development of their new instrumentation.

By the mid 1970s, several quality instruments had been developed and were being marketed in Europe. It was during this period in 1975, that the ATPEM Trademark was born. The most famous of these new instruments was the Automatic Atmospheric Distillation ASTM D86 and the CPP 97, Automatic Cloud and Pour Point Analyzer, introduced in the early ’80s.


Herzog engineers continue to develop the latest technology for testing cold behavior, distillation, flash point, vapor pressure, viscosity and other physical properties.

Herzog by PAC, originally established in 1931 is a long-established, comprehensive line of laboratory instruments for testing atmospheric and vacuum distillation, flash point, vapor pressure, bitumen properties, cold flow properties, viscosity and other physical properties of materials. Distillation and flash point analysis is provided by systems including the OptiDist and the HDV 632; viscosity and Bitumen testing by systems such as the HVM 472 and the HRB 754 Ring & Ball; and fuel classification by systems such as the CID 510 Derived Cetane Number.

As a highly experienced provider of physical testing instruments, we are an active member in standards organizations and lead standard development to guarantee that the methods meet customer requirements of precision and ease of use.


Alcor® by PAC is a global supplier of advanced petrochemical, fuel and lubricant research and testing solutions for aviation. Alcor instrumentation measures and verifies:

  • Jet fuel thermal oxidation
  • The tendency of materials to thermally degrade and form coke under high temperature conditions
  • Thermal degradation of turbine fuels under a variety of conditions.
  • Heater tube deposit ratings

Alcors high-quality JFTOT® IV, and MCRT systems exceed global standard specifications and are recognized worldwide as the leading technology for precision fuel analysis. Alcor products include:

  • Jet fuel thermal oxidation testers
  • JFTOT Heater tubes and Intelligent Heater Tubes
  • Microcarbon residue testers
  • Visual tube raters

Since its inception in 1959, the Alcor brand has been synonymous with quality and innovation. When the fuels industry needed a new instrument to measure fuel thermal oxidation, Alcor introduced the jet fuel thermal oxidation tester, JFTOT, now recognized as the industry standard in jet fuel testing. The Alcor JFTOT IV is the latest generation of jet fuel analysis instruments. It enhances safety, simplifies operation, and increases lab productivity.


PetroSpec by PAC is the leading provider of dependable, portable, high-quality spectroscopic analyzers for measuring the chemical and physical properties of fuels. PetroSpec instruments are dedicated to field compliance testing for gasoline and diesel, helping end users meet such ASTM standards, including:

  • ASTM D6756
  • ASTM D5845
  • ASTM D6277
  • ASTM D4806


Phase Technology designs, manufactures, sells and services test instruments to measure cold flow properties. The company’s customers include oil refineries, commercial laboratories, fuel distributors, terminals, blenders, aviation companies, and military.

Phase Technology analyzers meet and comply with current ASTM International methods for measurement of pour point (ASTM D5949), cloud point (ASTM D5773 and D7397) and freeze point (ASTM D5972). The company meets and complies with numerous other major international standards and specifications, including those from the Energy Institute (EI).

Supported by 17 years of extensive inter-laboratory “round robin” research, Phase Technology consistently ranks highest for repeatability, reproducibility, sensitivity and equivalency to referee manual test methods. Phase Technology has been recognized with an ASTM Award of Excellence for developing world standards for petroleum cold flow behavior.

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