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novAA 800 F

novAA® 800 F is THE atomic absorption spectrometer for highly efficient routine analysis using flame and hydride technology. With a wide working range, easy handling and a number of performance-enhancing accessories, the novAA® 800 F guarantees precise and reproducible results within a very short time making it the perfect partner for industrial process and QC labs and contract labs with moderate sample quantities. Coupling with hydride technology also makes it possible to measure hydride-forming elements such as antimony, arsenic, bismuth, selenium or tin.


novAA 800 F at a glance:

  • Stable measurement of samples with high and low matrix contents in absorption and emission
  • Single and dual beam mode with D2 background correction
  • 8-fold lamp changer for highest degree of automation and sample throughput
  • Integrated RFID tool for working with coded lamps
  • Optional Autosamplers AS-F and AS-FD for sampling, automatic dilution and preparation of standards and QC samples
  • Significant reduction of wet-chemical sample handling and sample/standard preparation when using the AS-FD
  • Automatic scraper cleans the burner head, increasing safety and precision
  • Segmented Flow Star, SFS 6.0, injection switch for improved precision and reduced sample volumes


novAA 800F 3 (Custom)


novAA 800 series brochure

novAA 800 Applications:

The novAA® 800 F is easy to operate, highly flexible and enables fast routine analysis for diverse samples. Performance-enhancing accessories, such as the SFS 6.0 and the AS-FD autosampler simplify the handling of difficult samples and contribute to analytical precision and high throughput.

Application Notes:


AS-F and AS-FD – Autosamplers for flame technology, hydride technology and atomic fluorescence
The autosamplers for the AS-F and AS-FD flame technology enable fully automated routine analysis.

Modular hydride systems

  • Flow injection as well as batch mode available
  • Modular system, individually upgradable according to requirements
  • Easy exchange between all configurations
  • Color-coded tubing connections and flow scheme – easy replacement of consumables
  • Upgrade to HydrEA, easy exchange between mercury/hydride and HydrEA
  • Special mercury accessories
  • Fast Baseline Return drastically reduces the measurement time for mercury
  • Fully compliant with all applicable DIN, ISO, EPA and ASTM methods for mercury and hydride analysis

Injection switch Segmented Flow Star, SFS 6.0
Software controlled switching valve for easy handling of smallest sample volumes and samples with high salt load, high acid content and for organic samples

  • Enables the segmented introduction of very small sample volumes
  • Guarantees stable flame conditions thanks to continuous rinsing of sample introduction system and burner head
  • Reduces carry-over effects with high salt and matrix contents

The automated burner head cleaner cleans the slot before each measurement and in standby mode, thus guaranteeing a continuous and reproducible measuring cycle. It further contributes to lab safety and precision of results.

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