NCS Products

NCS – C-S-O-N-H Elemental Analyzers

Continuous pursuit of high quality, practical orientation and customer focus are the purpose of NCS Testing Technology (Germany) GmbH.

C/S/O/N/H Series Elemental Analyzers are used in research and quality control of materials and components.

Combustion Master CS

Combustion Master CS Analysis Method: The sample will be burnt in the induction furnace together with accelerators in pure oxygen. The usual combustion temperature is about 2200 °C. During the combustion the carbon components will be oxidised to CO2 and the sulphur components to SO2. Dust and water will be removed from the combustion gas […]

Fusion Master ONH

Fusion Master ONH Analysis Method: The sample, filled in a graphite crucible, will be fused in the electrode furnace. Nitrogen and hydrogen gases are being released from the sample into the carrier gas and the oxygen is reacting with the carbon of the graphite crucible to CO. The CO is oxidised to CO2 afterwards. The […]


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