Fluxana supply to users of XRF analysers a range of accessories such as reference material, cups, thin films, and chemicals. Furthermore they offer a range of sample preparation machines like fusion machines, mills and presses. Our clients are X-ray fluorescence (XRF) users. This spectroscopic method is employed for elemental analysis as it enables determination of the inorganic components in a substance/product. The method is applied throughout the entire quality assurance industry as well as in institutions and authorities that monitor regulatory compliance.


Fluxana – XRF Application Solutions

Based on many years of development of application packages for XRF, FLUXANA can draw on a wealth of experience in terms of XRF analysis. Many of the application packages developed by FLUXANA in the last few years for customers are now used routinely as testing procedures in our analytical laboratory. Utilization of both energy dispersive XRF (EDXRF) and wavelength dispersive XRF (WDXRF) ensures full coverage of all of the possibilities provided by this technology. Even spatially resolved X-ray mapping of different elements is offered.

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