Thanks to its capacity to crush, blend and homogenize in a fast way small volumes of samples, the EQM-400 Mill is your best ally to prepare samples. This Mill has been designed for the final preparation of small sizes of hard, semi-hard and fragile samples (up to 15 g).
It can prepare two samples simultaneously and reduce their size parting from an initial 0.8 to 1.5 mm. to sizes of less than 10μ in short periods of time(1 to 4 minutes).

Given its efficiency-time ratio, this mill is the best solution for the final downsizing in the preparation of samples by fusion – the use of sizes of grain of 10μ speeds up the homogenization of the sample in the flux, substantially reducing the melting times. It is also specially recommended for the preparation and blending of samples with binding agents for their further analysis by X-Ray fluorescence.

The EQM-400 Mill allows to reduce the size of dry samples to a final grain size of 10μ in milling times of 1 to 4 minutes, all in a compact desktop design. It is controlled by a microprocessor with 5 working programs with which you can choose comfortably and through a digital display, the speed and milling time in an independent manner.


The unit is composed of two sample containers of easy and safe assembly, connected to a small and powerful engine. A series of articulations allow for the strength of the engine to be transferred to the containers following a swinging arch trajectory. The effect of milling, blending and homogenization is produced inside the receptacles, where the sample strongly collides against the milling balls.

Easy of use

The sample is put inside the milling jars together with one or several balls, depending on the size of the sample, starting size and desired final granule size. You choose the speed and timing for the milling process – between 0 and 2000 shakes per minute – and press “START”. The swinging movement of the jars results in the movement, by inertia, of the balls within, which strongly collide amongst themselves and against the walls of the jar, crushing, milling and blending all they find in their way.


EQP-400 Ball Mixer Mill DATA SHEET.pdf