Wax Appearance Tester

WAT-70XI WAX APPEARANCE TESTER (WAT) LAB ANALYZER With a long, notable history as the world leader in developing test methods for cold flow properties detection, Phase Technology has extended its [...]

Optiflash – Pensky Martens

The OptiFlash Pensky Martens determines the flash point of petroleum products, biodiesels, solvents, fluxed bitumen, food, and beverages up to 400C. It complies to leading global standards, such [...]

OptiReader – Ellipsometer

Revolutionary ellipsometric jet fuel thermal oxidation heater tube scanner. Our new OptiReader provides pass/fail results with a full 2D and 3D thickness map defining maximum deposit thickness [...]

MCRT- 160 Micro Carbon Residue Tester

Alcors MCRT-160 provides safe, simple measurement of a petroleum products tendency to thermally degrade and form coke under high temperature pyrolyzing conditions. Its powerful digital control [...]


JFTOT IV Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Tester Test Methods ASTM D3241, IP 323, ISO 6249   Alcor’s JFTOT IV is the globally recognized standard for jet fuel thermal oxidation testing with a [...]

VIDA Density Meter

VIDA Density Meter Test MethodsASTM D4052, ASTM D5002, IP 365, DIN 51757, ISO 15212, ASTM D5931, JIS K2249   Dedicated to the refinery and petrochemical industries, the VIDA TM analyzers [...]


Using a “Houillon” capillary tube, ISL’s VH Series Viscometers automatically determine kinematic viscosity of lubricating oils, used oils, fuels, polymers, and similar materials over a wide [...]

RB36 – ISL – Ring and Ball

RB36 Ring and Ball Test Methods ASTM D36, ASTM E28, EN 1427, IP 58, ISO 4625   The RB36 5G, designed for measuring product temperatures from 0C to 220C, simplifies testing and increases [...]

NCK2 5G – Automated NOACK Apparatus

ISLs safe, easy to use NCK2 5G Noack evaporation loss analyzer enables the most precise testing to meet increasing QS/QA requirements in full compliance with CEC, ASTM & IP methods. Designed [...]


The next generation Freezing Point Analyzer offers proven technology used by labs worldwide. The powerful internal cooling system can measure up to -100C (-148F) without the need of an external [...]


The next generation OptiFPP combines a patented built-in cooling system and highly precise detection mechanism into an ultra-compact, easy to use instrument.The ISL OptiFPP analyzer provides [...]


Combining a revolutionary patented built-in cooling system and highly precise detection mechanism, ISL’s OptiCPP performs pour and/cloud point testing of any petroleum products, down to [...]

Herzog HCP 842

HCP 842 – Automatic Cold Filter Plugging Point Analyser Cold Filter Plugging Point Test Methods ASTM D 6371, EN 116, IP 309, JIS K2288, JIS K2288, EN 16329, GOST 22254   Features & [...]

Herzog HDV 632 – Vacuum Distillation

The HDV 632 is a fully automated Vacuum Distillation Analyzer, which offers highest flexibility for the user. It can measure samples up to 650C AET. Choose ASTM D1160 or define and save your own [...]

ISL PMD 110 – Atmospheric Distillation

Developed in partnership with leading university researchers, the ISL PMD 110 is a state-of-the art solution for fast and reliable response distillation analysis. It is in accordance to ASTM [...]