contrAA Series

contrAA® Series — Atomic Absorption. Redefined. The atomic absorption spectrometers of the contrAA® series are the only commercially available instruments [...]

PlasmaQuant® PQ 9100 (ICP-OES)

PlasmaQuant® PQ 9100 (ICP-OES) Experience superior analytical performance, application flexibility, robustness, and reliability with the optical emission spectrometer PlasmaQuant 9100. The [...]

ICP-MS: The PlasmaQuant® MS

ICP-MS: The PlasmaQuant® MS The Analytik Jena PlasmaQuant® MS series – Here’s what you need to know: When you hear the term “Analytik Jena”, usually the words that would [...]

SPECORD®/ SPEKOL® Spectrophotometer

UV Visible Spectrophotometers Series Set New Standards The series SPECORD® covers the range from high-performance real double-beam instruments with Cooled Double Detection (CCD) to high power [...]

TOPWave Microwave Digestion

TOPwave – Sample preparation at the highest level TOPwave is a versatile system offering a variety of digestion vessels, fulfilling all requirements of modern applications. Its innovative design [...]

multi N/C Pharma Series

The multi N/C pharma series offers tailored solutions for TOC cleaning validation, extractables testing from packaging materials, ultrapure water control, and total protein analysis in aqueous [...]


compEAct is the ULTIMATE analyzer for demanding high-throughput applications. The compEAct series offers compact, space-saving combustion systems for the fast and cost-effective determination of [...]


Mercur Fully automatic and reliable Hg ultra trace analysis The mercur is a compact system specially optimized for the complete, cost-efficient determination of mercury traces. It is available [...]

Combustion Master CS

Combustion Master CS Analysis Method: The sample will be burnt in the induction furnace together with accelerators in pure oxygen. The usual combustion temperature is about 2200 °C. During the [...]

Fusion Master ONH

Fusion Master ONH Analysis Method: The sample, filled in a graphite crucible, will be fused in the electrode furnace. Nitrogen and hydrogen gases are being released from the sample into the [...]