The AL-204 has been specially designed to quickly and accurately determine the concentration of aluminium in slags. Via the analysis of the gases resulting from the attack to the sample with Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) you can quickly obtain – in just ten minutes – and accurately – a precision of >99% – the percentage of aluminium contained in the sample.


Compared with the traditional method used to undertake this type of analysis, the AL-204 means a qualitative leap forward in many ways:

  •  Time: Compared to the traditional method, from hours to minutes – 10 minutes per analysis-.
  • Accuracy: You can have the certainty of the contents of Aluminium in your sample with an accuracy of over the 99%.
  • Convenience: All the process is undertaken directly in the unit, gathering the results via an specially designed software from which you can make statistical analysis, medias, standard deviations… You can check the results with graphics located directly on the screen and carry out comparative tables.
  • Safety: The manipulation of corrosive liquids is reduced to the minimum
  • Versatility: Apart from managing the data directly from the specific software, the results are exportable to Access or Excel.



Technical Specifications

The unit enjoys the following subsystems:

– Sample collection system
– Reactor
– Liquid – gas phase exchanger
– Sample drier
– CO2 measuring unit
– Gas circuit
– System controller