TA.XT Express Texture Analyser

The TA.XTExpress Texture Analyser is an entry-level and QC-based texture analysis option when compared to our sophisticated full-features Plus range.

It offers cost effective portable analysis for a wide range of low force applications.

With a choice of two dedicated software packages or touchscreen operation, the instrument is easily configured to meet the user’s exact requirements. Test profiles are stored for immediate use and the results analysed automatically using either ‘in-built’ Standards, such as TPA or Bloom, or product-specific procedures.



The TA.XTExpress uses a range of different probes and fixtures according to the required test method.

Each probe or fixture is designed for a specific group of applications, and can be attached to the texture analyser’s base and/or arm.

Samples are either placed on the base of the texture analyser, on the lower fixture, or held between two fixtures. In a simple test, the arm of the texture analyser – containing a loadcell – moves down to penetrate or compress the product, and then returns to its initial position.

The list above is a representative selection of physical properties and tests that can be performed.

A product’s textural properties are of fundamental importance to its acceptability. Whether this is the ‘mouth feel’ of food, the flow properties of creams and pastes or the tackiness of adhesives, Texture Analysis provides accurate product information for research, QA and manufacture.

Many tests are International Standards, such as the Bloom Strength for gelatin gels, whereas others are recognised as standard tests within an industry, such as Texture Profile Analysis for many food products.

The TA.XTExpress is controlled by either a Touchscreen Interface or by dedicated texture analysis software.

The Touchscreen Interface

This new unit allows operation of the instrument in stand-alone mode. Calibration, test setup and force measurement procedures may now be carried out without the need for PC software.

Full stand-alone control and display functions:

  • Calibration, test setup and force measurement procedures
  • Security settings for multiple users
  • High speed data collection and display of results with print option
  • Quick probe positioning via ‘Favourites’ icon
  • Connects to keypad port on Express back panel
  • Supports operation in multiple languages
  • Resistive touchscreen allows use of gloves
  • Automatic screen orientation
  • USB port for future updates
  • Built-in Help text and texture principles animations

The interface features a built-in manual for individual texture tests, with added animation to show what each test will look like, for enhanced user understanding.

With a screen measuring 12cm x 8cm, its compact design helps operators to save space in place of a traditional keyboard. The touchscreen also maximises usability by removing the need for additional software or hardware, and connects directly with the texture analyser via a USB port for simplified operation and control.

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