Ring and Ball

Test Methods
ASTM D36, ASTM E28, EN 1427, IP 58, ISO 4625


The RB36 5G, designed for measuring product temperatures from 0C to 220C, simplifies testing and increases productivity, repeatability and reproducibility.The instrument enables simultaneous testing of two samples with independent monitoring and results display of each. Simply load the sample and with a few keystrokes, the test is started. Bath temperature and ball movement are precisely controlled according standard test methods.This instrument integrates the top of the art regulation system specially designed for difficult method heating rate regulations. Heating rate is displayed in real-time and automatically stored with the result.


Bitumen Ring and Ball


Features & Benefits

  • Softening point determinations from 0 to 220C
  • Forty preset programs for different bath media
  • Optional kit for EN 1871, Wilhelmi test
  • Heating rate monitoring during test and stored with the result
  • Preheating cycle with programmable time
  • Infrared detection with adjustable response time
  • Simultaneous determination of two samples
  • Compact, self-contained for easy handling maintenance
  • Various audible and visual alarms for safety
  • Data export to LIMS and/or connected printer


RB5G – Bitument Ring & Ball Apparatus Brochure


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