Below is a short review on the Niton XL2 Spectrometer as received by one of our satisfied clients:

“The Niton XL2 spectrometer that we bought from you really makes things easier for us and we have started enjoying its benefits. We used to send the piece of material to a lab for analysis with a lead time of 5 to 7 days which included transportation of the part to and from the supplier. Therefor it basically used to cost us about R800.00 on average for the process and its certification, but since we bought this magnificent machine we can get the material specification within 15 to 30 seconds without transportation costs, excessive lead times and I can also print out our Weco material certificate within 2 minutes!

We have also been able to help our clients with verifying their parts for material specifications.

The Niton XL2 spectrometer is working for our company and is a piece of equipment we would gladly recommend to other companies!

Rodney Setlogelo

Follow the link below to have a read through their blog on how they have been able to gain an edge on their competitors:

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