The Analytik Jena PlasmaQuant® PQ 9000 series – The 4 key features you need to know.

Is your company interested in purchasing an ICP-OES machine? With so many variables in the market place today, it would be easy to get confused as to how your company should invest it’s money into such a crucial piece of equipment. Analytik Jena has a reputation for providing quality instruments that will give your company results you can trust, every time! Below you will read about the 4 key points that make this product stand out above the rest in the market.

  High-Resolution Optics:

The unique resolving power of the High-Resolution Optics of the PlasmaQuant® PQ 9000 Elite guarantees unmatched sensitivity in real sample matrices. Its echelle spectrometer design that utilizes a double monochromator set-up of prism and grating along with the latest high-resolution (HR) detector generation allows for a spectral resolution of 2 pm at 200 nm. Thus, the most sensitive emission lines can be detected interference-free in almost any sample achieving unique detection limits that reach into the parts per trillion! A continuously covered wavelength range from 160 to 900 nm provides access to more than 43,000 emission lines with an exceptional wavelength accuracy of less than 0.4 pm arising from a fully automatic neon correction.

High-Resolution Optics — your benefits

• Greatest range of emission lines for superior flexibility
• Interference-free analytics for highest accuracy
• Lowest detection limits in real samples for excellent method robustness

  V Shuttle Torch:

The vertical plasma geometry of the V Shuttle Torch ensures interference- and soot-free plasma performance for every sample matrix — with minimum wet chemical pre-treatment and easiest handling. Its compact yet fully demountable shuttle design with built-in gas connections enables convenient plug-and-play installation, increases readiness for measurement and simplifies method change. The precision auto-alignment of the V Shuttle Torch warrants an outstanding reproducibility.

V Shuttle Torch — your benefits

• Unrivalled ease of use in any routine
• Exceptional tolerance of high matrix loads
• Outstanding analytical performance
• Low maintenance efforts and consumable costs
• Increased productivity

  Dual View PLUS:

Dual View PLUS allows the synchronous analysis of trace contents of low ppb as well as concentrations in high weight percent range in all sample types thanks to its 2+2 plasma views. In addition to axial and radial plasma observation the sensitivity of each emission line can be further adapted by automatic attenuation of the signal intensities in axial PLUS and radial PLUS mode. This improves method flexibility and robustness yielding greater efficiency.
A novel Argon-neutral counter gas technology provides high transparency of the optical path and excellent signal stability and sensitivity are achieved cost effectively.

Dual View PLUS — your benefits

• Best plasma views for all elements and concentrations
• Widest linear working range of any ICP-OES
• Argon-neutral counter gas technology for unique sensitivity
• Increased productivity across all applications
• A new generation of operator convenience

   High-Frequency Generator:

The free-running 40 MHz power tube generator transfers power ranging from 700 up to 1700 W with the highest efficiency into a plasma of outstanding length. Its high-power settings guarantee for a trouble-free and stable performance, even for complex matrices like brines or volatile organics.
Ultimate consistency of plasma conditions and unrivalled long-term signal stability of all emission lines with a marginal intensity drifting over an average working day as well as RSD values about 1% for common matrices enhance precision and applicability of your ICP-OES routines.

High-Frequency Generator — your benefits

• Highest matrix tolerance for enhanced applicability
• Ease of use and exceptional method flexibility
• Superb RSD-values with minimal effort
• Shift-operation with uncompromised precision
• Significant increase in productivity


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