multi N/C® Series 

multi N/C® series – the family of instruments sets standards!

The multi N/C® series is the powerful family of instruments with a convincing overall concept for the fully automatic and simultaneous analysis of the parameters TOC, NPOC, POC, TC, TIC und TNb in liquid samples.

multi N/C® offers the optimum solution for every application. From the analysis of drinking water and waste water, pharmaceutically used water or cleaning validation, surface water, through to water in power plants or in the semiconductor industry or solid substance analysis, e. g., TOC determination in sewage sludge or soils.


multi N/C® 2100 

The multi N/C® 2100 is the space-saving TOC/TNb analyzer which demonstrates its strength particularly in the field of environmental analysis. Along with VITA®, the FR NDIR detector and catalytic high temperature combustion up to 950 °C, multi N/C® 2100 is equipped with a perfect injection technique for particle containing samples. The integrated autosampler and the solid technique turn it into a compact routine analyzer.

  • Focus Radiation NDIR detector
  • VITA® Flow Management System (multi N/C® 2100 S)
  • Easy Cal (multi N/C® 2100 S)
  • Auto-protection
  • Catalyst promoted high temperature combustion of up to 950 °C
  • Sample feed by valve- and septum-free direct injection
  • Ideal for small as well as for large sample volumes
  • Upgradeable for simultaneous determination of TNb (ChD oer CLD)
  • Truly simultaneous determination of TOC and TNb with a single injection and using the same catalyst
  • Available either for HT 1300 or double furnace technology for solid analysis
  • Space-saving system with fully automatic autosamplers of different capacity (optionally)

multi N/C® 3100

No matter whether ultra-pure water or waste water, multi N/C® 3100 is suitable for all liquid samples. This is made possible by the combination of catalytic high-temperature combustion, VITA®, the Focus Radiation NDIR Detector, as well as flow injection with intelligent rinsing technology for particle-containing samples. In addition, multi N/C® 3100is particularly fast and thus permits high sample throughputs.

  • Focus Radiation NDIR Detector
  • VITA® Flow Management System
  • Easy Cal
  • Auto-protection
  • Catalyst promoted high temperature combustion of up to 950 °C
  • Sample feed by flow injection with intelligent rinsing technique preventing carry-over effectively
  • Large inside diameters for outstanding particle handling capability
  • Multipoint calibration with single standard using different injection volumes
  • High sensitivity down to the lowest ppb range
  • Can be equipped for simultaneous TNb determination
  • A single catalyst for simultaneous TOC/TNb determination in the entire measurement range
  • Optionally available with autosamplers of different capacity
  • Upgradeable with High-temperature combustion (HTC) technology: HT 1300

multi N/C® UV HS

The multi N/C® UV HS is a wet chemical TOC analyzer which works both with an oxidation agent (peroxodisulfate) and a highly effective UV radiation source for sample oxidation. At the same time the system is highly sensitive and suitable – along with ultra-pure water samples – also for drinking water or special samples, such as acids, electrolysis baths and other aggressive matrices.

Unlike classical TOC analyzers with an UV reactor, multi N/C® UV HS uses two wavelengths instead of just one: 254 nm and 185 nm. The hard radiation obtained in this way guarantees a complete oxidation of even the most stable carbon compounds. The effective blank value reduction by means of automated purging of the reagents ensures minimal system blank values.

TOC determination made easy!

For ultra-pure water analyses a suitable method can be selected in the user interface, so that the High Power UV reactor delivers the necessary energy for complete oxidation without oxidation agents. Thus, the blank value of the oxidation agent can not cause interference in the trace analysis – even in complicated matrices.

  • Focus Radiation NDIR Detector
  • VITA® Flow Management System
  • Easy Cal
  • Auto protection
  • Wet chemical oxidation with High Power UV radiation
  • Flow injection
  • High-precision dosing unit for variable, in particular very high injection volumes
  • Maximum sensitivity and precision in the ppb area
  • Effective blank value reduction
  • TOC determination also in aggressive matrices
  • High-temperature combustion (HTC) technology: HT 1300
  • High sample throughput by parallel purging and analyzing
  • Optionally available with autosamplers of different capacity


multi N/C® pharma

Pharmaceutical applications require special technological solutions: highest sensitivity and precision as well as adaptation to the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Depending on the application, two digestion principles are available:

  • multi N/C® pharma HT: catalytic high-temperature combustion up to 950 °C
  • multi N/C® pharma UV: wet chemical oxidation in a High Power UV reactor

Designed for the pharmaceutical industry!

For both digestion principles the focus is on the precision and correctness of the measurement results in the lower measurement range.

This is possible thanks to the VITA® Flow Management System and by high sample injection volumes with the help of a high-precision injection syringe. And also by the use of a volume-specific calibration method which can be used to perform reliable calibration down to the lower ppb range. Minimal system blank values are obtained through the automatic purging of the used chemicals. In addition, a blank value free digestion without reagents is available.

Thus, multi N/C® pharma is uniquely suitable for ultra-pure water analyses, in particular for the analysis of:

  • Water for injection purposes (WFI)
  • Purified water (AP)
  • Liquid or solid samples (swabs) from the cleaning validation and for other typical applications in the pharmaceutical lab.


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