Vitriox Electrical Fusion Machine (EFM)

  • Fully automatic cold to cold operation for 1, 2, 4 or 6 samples; 1 sample at a time
  • Highest precision (ISO 29581-2 “expert performance”) for all kinds of material
  • Full microprocessor control with a storage for 10 different application settings
  • High temperature control allows use of applications with variable temperature settings
  • Works with all common flux mixtures
  • Compatible with VITRIOX gas fusion machine (no new calibration necessary)

Exclusive Features:

  • NEW: Monitoring of the casting dishes
  • NEW: ICP Option
  • Lift bottom furnace
  • Agitation by high speed rotation (250 rpm, bidirectional)
  • Observation of the sample during fusion using a mirror
  • Crucible holder and oven floor made from FLUXinert®® ceramic (no attack from lithiumborate, can be cleaned in diluted HCl)
  • Autosampler handles up to 6 samples automatically
  • Modular upgradeable system to a total of 6 positions
  • Optional: Extra position for continuous operation available (loading and unloading of samples during fusion program)
  • Optional: Use of lids on the crucibles for volatile elements like F, Cl or S
  • Optional: Oven ceiling made from FLUXinert®®

Electrical Fusion Machine for 1 sample, incl. sample holder and protective housing


Electrical Fusion Machine for 2 samples, incl. autosampler, 2 sample holders, protective housing


Electrical Fusion Machine for 4 samples, incl. autosampler, 4 sample holders and protective housing


Electrical Fusion Machine for 6 samples, incl. autosampler, 6 sample holders and protective housing


Compressor for compressed air for cooling with automatic dehydration

Exhaust hood (only flue) for electrical fusion machine with connection for aspiration

Laboratory bench for safety hood for electrical fusion machine

Installation and training for electrical fully automatic electrical fusion machine, 2 days

Extension module for automatic handling of 2 to up 4 samples incl. 2 sample holders

Extension module for automatic handling of 2 to up to 6 samples incl. 4 sample holders

Rear cover, in case that the electrical fusion machine should be positioned not directly at a wall

ICP option including stir plate and teflon beaker for 1 sample

VITRIOX Electrical Fusion Technology.pdf

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