The contrAA® atomic absorption spectrometers are the first and only commercially available instruments for HR-CS AAS and launch a new generation of instruments for AAS.

Just one light source for all elements

  • Unique simultaneous background correction
  • Sequential and simultaneous multi-element analysis
  • High sample throughput
  • Rapid readiness for measurement
  • Easy to operate and robust
  • New information content
  • Impressive analytical performance

Xenon short-arc lamp

  • Continuous source of radiation
  • Optimum intensity throughout the complete wavelength range
  • High flexibility: Each element and each line can be measured at any time
  • Analysis of additional elements through evaluation of molecular absorption bands

Simultaneous background correction

  • Without loss of real measurement time and sensitivity
  • Complete correction of structured background using CCD detector

Unique resolution

  • Interference is minimized through optimum line separation
  • Errors caused by the limits of the resolution in traditional line AAS can be avoided


contrAA® 300 offers

  • Just one continuum source of radiation – characteristic for the revolutionary High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS (HR-CS AAS)
  • High-resolution echelle spectrometer
  • PC-controlled and fully-automated operation
  • Fast sequential and simultaneous multi-element analysis, at bulk concentrations and trace levels
  • Fully-automatic, completely sensor-monitored sample introduction system
  • Burner adjustment by maximum absorbance
  • Reproducible burner position by scaled height and angle adjustments
  • “Segmented Flow Star SFS6” for small sample volume and samples with strong matrix influence (salt, acid, etc.)
  • Intelligent automatic dilution for flame and graphite furnace up to 1:625 and automatic contamination check with autosampler
  • A large range of accessories
  • Coupling with the hydride technique for a new range of detection limits for hydride forming elements, such as As, Se, Sb, Te, Bi and Sn


contrAA® 600

The contrAA® 600 combines the high precision of the transverse heated graphite furnace with all advantages of the High-Resolution Continuum Source Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (HR-CS AAS). The transverse heated graphite furnace ensures:

  • Uniform temperature distribution
  • Lower atomization temperatures
  • Decreased gas phase interferences
  • Linear, rapid heating rates
  • Minimized memory effects
  • The integrated color furnace camera enables a detailed observation of all processes in the graphite tube starting with the sample introduction up to the drying and pyrolysis, for simple and correct method development


contrAA® 700

contrAA® 700 is the High-Resolution Continuum Source atomic absorption spectrometer for flame, hydride, graphite tube and HydrEA technique.

  • High-resolution echelle spectrometer
  • Just one continuum source of radiation
  • Real sequential and simultaneous multi-element analysis
  • Intelligent design and readiness to operate quickly, high effectiveness and easy handling
  • Unique flexibility
  • Possibility to change quickly from flame technology to graphite furnace technology and vice versa, with only one mouse click! (tandem principle)


contrAA® 800 series — superior technologies guarantee for excellent results

  • Multi Element
    One light source for fast sequential and simultaneous multi-element analysis
  • High-Resolution Optics
    Interference-free analysis and highest precision
  • HD Spectrum
    High-resolution 3D spectra display for detailed spectral information
  • Dynamic Mode
    Extended measurement range of up to 5 orders of magnitude


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