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contrAA® 800 F is the compact High-Resolution Continuum Source atomic absorption spectrometer for flame and hydride technique. It provides fast-sequential and simultaneous multi-element analysis using flame technique in a flexible working range, from traces up to high concentrations. Coupling with the hydride technique enables the determination of hydride-forming elements, such as antimony, arsenic, bismuth, selenium, or tin.
For more information about the High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS technique please visit the contrAA® series page.

contrAA® 800 F — Your Benefits:

  • Just one light source for all elements – each element and each line can be measured at any time
  • Unique simultaneous background correction
  • Fast-sequential and simultaneous multi-element analysis
  • High sample throughput
  • Rapid readiness for measurement
  • Easy to operate and robust


contrAA® 800 F is perfectly suited for the fast-sequential or simultaneous multi-element analysis. The sample throughput for multi-element analysis of the new generation of contrAA® meets the level of simultaneous ICP-OES instruments.
In addition to the traditional use for the determination of various metals, the HR-CS AAS can also be applied for the analysis of non-metals, such as phosphorus, sulfur or halogens. In connection with the hydride technique contrAA® 800 F can be used for the determination of hydride forming elements, e.g. antimony, arsenic, bismuth, selenium, or tin.

The HR-CS AAS can be applied in nearly all fields of instrumental analysis. Thanks to its numerous analytical advantages, for both routine as well as research, it always provides the ideal solution.

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